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Travelling Exhibit - 
Victorian Womens Fashion History  

Victorian Fashion History – Travelling Exhibit


The Ladies are also available for travel to your venue.  We will arrive mounted on mannequins and dressed to the proper silhouette of the time.  Each dress will have a short description accompanying the item.  Patty will arrive on the day of your exhibit, place the ladies and put together their exhibit.  She will then change into an appropriate reproduction gown and stay with the ladies for the day to answer questions. 


We can have a set program to talk to, or I can bring some eye candy and talk about women's fashion and lives during the Victorian age.  

See the pics of the ladies for an idea of what is available.  Please be advised that I also buy and sell regularly.  Not all pictured gowns will be available for exhibit.  Best to ask what's in stock. 

Pricing is $100.00 per lady, with a maximum of 5 ladies.  Any number after that will be $50.00 per lady.  

If you are outside the GTA, a mileage charge will be added.  

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