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Introducing -- The "Ladies"

Hello there!   I would like to introduce The Ladies...


The Ladies are available for display and conversation about their world during the time they were worn.  The collection consists of garmets that women wore for specific occasions.  ie  weddings, funerals, swimming, visiting, attending balls and receptions.  Each garmet (Lady) has a specific character and a story about their life.  It could be the story of  Minnie, who lives in the late 1800 and is pregnant for her first child.  Or, it might be of MariBell who is a bonafide Southern Belle.  She loves to talk about fans and calling cards and best of all - flirting.  All the gowns are antiques, consequently very fragile and valuable.  Most are of museum quality and very rare.    My collection shrinks and grows on a regular basis. What you see here, is just a smattering of what is available.  If you are interested in having myself and the ladies come to your venue, give me a call.  The Ladies love to show themselves off and I love to spread a little knowledge you may not of known. 

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