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Work Shop  FAQ's


How much do you charge for a workshop?

Workshops are charged on a per-person basis.  Typically, a 1/2 day workshop (4 hrs) will be $50.00 per person, and a full day (6 hrs)will be $90.00 per person.  That number can change depending upon length of the Workshop.


Thank you for asking  :-)

e transfer, cheque payable to The Costume People - Patty Davis or cash.

How do I pay you?  

Unless indicated in the workshop description, I will supply all the items you need to create your craft, an instruction booklet, and lots of one-on-one instruction.  If your seminar is at my studio, I will also provide a light lunch and coffee, tea and soda.


What is included in a workshop?


Class Size Limit?

Sure.  I have an Etsey store .   TheCostumePeople

If what you are interested in is not listed, send me a note and I'll get a package off to you.

May I purchase just a craft kit?

If you are within 100 K of Toronto,  No.  But, outside that distance, I would ask you contribute to the gas bill.  :-) 

Do you charge mileage?




I prefer to keep your class size to 12 people.  I can accommodate 6 people per session if the workshop is at my studio.  Each class has a minimum of 5 people.

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