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What a Glamerous Evening

Yesterday evening, my friend and myself attended the Fashion History Museum 10 th Anniversary Gala.

How glamerous!

The fashion elites and not so elites got all dressed up and did their fashion see and be seen. I must say, my friend and myself did ourselves proud. I was concerned we would look like a couple country

bumpkins, but we held our own! Phew!

The exhibit is French fashion. I don’t know much about French fashion designers, but I do recognize a well constructed outfit. Every French designer gown on display was a study in perfect craftmanship. Boy, they certainly don't make clothes like that anymore! Too bad.

The gown in the picture was an original Worth. (more on him in another post) Id never seen a Worth up close and personal before. The workmanship was absolutely mind boggling. Each of those little seed pearls were sewn on by hand. The gown must of weighed 15 lbs. I would of loved to been able to wear one of these gowns just once. Alas, I can't and couldn't even afford a Worth Sleeve, so I guess I get to stand back and drool!

I highly recommend taking a trip out to Cambridge to take in the exhibit. Its not a big museum, but its well curated. Everything in the exhibit has a worthy contribution to the story they are telling.

Take an afternoon and check it out!

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