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A Little Out There.....

A couple weeks ago, mom and I went to see the Theirry Mugular Exhibit at the Montreal Museum of Fine Art.

The exhibit itself was very well done and highly worth the road trip. But, that's not why I'm here today. In a hall further along the exhibit space, we ran across this…..

These are Boots! …..

met to be worn on the street! …..

Needless to say…. I was seriously creeped out…. but oddly fascinated.

These boots are the creation of the Canadian design team - Fecal Matter….. love the name….

Fecal Matter is a fashion brand that was created in order to express alternate fashion ideas, . (Ie really weird things that the main stream fashion designers wont touch.) and make them into something truly fashionable.

Fecal Matter design team

Facal Matter's entire brand is strangely fascinating. Not to say their creations are something I would wear. I would call their product a cross between Marilyn Munroe and Hannibal Lechter. All the girly things you would associate with Marilyn Munro meets all the creepy things Hannibal Lechter would use as a creative medium.

This is a link to their “affordable” line. Take a look, you be the judge….

So, back to these boots….

Apparently, they are in the neighbourhood of tens of thousands of dollars to purchase. They’re made of a synthetic that mimics skin. Eww! The boots are “pulled on” just like a regular boot. (double Eww!) The synthetic stretches and molds to ones leg and foot. “Bone” extensions create horn like heels and fins. The shoe, is built on a fiberglass platform so that it is sturdy, but light weight and walkable. Of course, Im not sure how much walking one would be doing wearing those puppies. I imagine people would be stopping dead in their tracks to take a look.

I did a little more searching around to see what the rest of the fashion world had to say about their design label. Fecal Matter is very well received. They are making a point that they don’t like what the main stream fashion industry is dictating as acceptable and what isn’t. They are single handedly making what the establishment calls truly bizarre into something truly fashionable.

Good on them!

If your interested in further information about what drives these folks…. I’ve attached a You Tube link. Be forwarned… Its probably not something you should be watching when the kiddies are in the room…..

Check out that “Arm” Bag….

So.... what do you think folks?????

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