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The Color Purple...

I'm working with our local museum to prepare a good sized textile exhibit, which will be centered around the museums collection of clothing that was worn by people in our area. We are also going to expand that idea out to show Dangerous Fashion, Wedding Gowns, Tea Gowns and Uniforms worn by the women who worked in the surrounding factories.

This gown would fall under the Dangerous Clothing part of our exhibit. It is from my collection.

Purple Day dress – 1860 – silk? Bengaline

Description - The skirt is trimmed in cream colored heavy piping and is of an elliptical shape. Pleats are attached in the front with box pleats and gauged in the back to accommodate a more pronounced back with with train. The skirt is back opening and wholly lined with polished cotton. (Same as the jacket)

The jacket is fully lined with polished cotton. Even though the jacket is tightly fit, there is no boning structure. Trim is the same as the skirt. Trim and covered buttons are the same as the skirt.

The bulk of the dress is machine sewn with hand finishing throughout. There are signs of wear and later alteration at the waist of the jacket and skirt.


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